Wecome, Survivors

Well, if any of you hotshots from Cult o’ Life News wander over here, maybe you might have some ideas? You can comment.


4 Responses to Wecome, Survivors

  1. Sky says:

    Hi blues. Thanks for the invite. Elaine is doing the control,alt,delete thing to me. She’s moved on to delete ( she hated the link about the Polish Health Minister who was exposing the Big Pharma fraud).

    This looks like an older thread. Is there a newer one ? I only ask because there’s some info out of the Ukraine and now India about the new virus thats killing people. So will you get this message ? Or should I post somewhere else ?

    I’ll check back later to see if you got this message and then I’ll post the links for you .

    This virus situation is looking worse and worse every day. It’s really starting to look like a bioweapon now.

    PS – It looks like the hemmoraghic lung virus is now in OREGON . The guy is dying- on a ventilator after visting the Ukraine- and he tested NEGATIVE for both H1N1 and TB. ( I live just across the border from Oregon in BC ).

    Later : – )


  2. blues says:

    Thanks, really, hidden!!! I need some new happy thoughts. The old ones went stale, I’m afraid.

  3. openly hidden says:

    ahhhh! where is the sunny side of life? its always darkest right before the dawn! look for the silver lining! my god i am going outside and chain saw down some thorn trees and think happy thoughts.

  4. blues says:

    I simply cannot wake up decently in the morning without two cups of coffee. Where will I get coffee? I read that some varieties of Holly have caffeine in their leaves and berries.

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